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I’m Single for Valentine’s Day and I’m Cool!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So what’s your plan? Oh wait, does that mean only those who are in a relationship can celebrate this day? For those who are single will have to pretend that this day does not exist. That is so not true! Perhaps, most of us have that particular mindset. Guess what, Valentine’s Day is no longer a day reserved for romantic couples.

The younger couples are usually the ones looking forward to this special day. Exchanging gifts, candies and flowers are some of the common ways of celebrating. The singles will try to avoid this day as they got no one to celebrate with. Make sense? Well, today we are living in a modern world where being in a relationship is not a special thing or a trend anymore. For this, I am referring to the younger generations. Nowadays, these people are enjoying more being in a big circle of friends rather than being caught in a romantic relationship.

There is nothing wrong being single, especially on Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can still enjoy this day.


Why not:

1) Throw a Party!

– Clubs, drinks and laughter with your friends who are single too! It will be a perfect day to call the “All Single Party”!

2) Bring cinema to your house! 

– Rent some DVDs and get yourself accompanied by a new Valentine’s Day partner, a bowl of chips. Enjoy!

3) Keep fit! 

– Since its summer, go for a stroll or jog in the park. Enjoy the fresh summer environment. What a healthy Valentine’s Day!

4) Eat! 

– That is the best thing in life. Filling up your stomach will never fail to make you happy. A light meal would be nice, probably vegetables and chicken. It’s summer after all.

5) Shop till you Drop! 

– Go get yourself new clothes, shoes, perfumes and gifts. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on someone else right? Even if he/she is your Valentine. Important Rule, remember to satisfy yourself more than the others.


That’s not all! There is a whole lot more what you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day. It’s up to you; it’s your day after all!

Don’t waste that Tuesday and Have Fun! 🙂

All the single ladies, all the single men

All the single ladies, all the single men

All the single ladies, all the single men

All the single people

Now put your hands up

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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