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Sweeping In the Dark

Mdm. Beda is fearful of working at night but she has no choice but to carry on as she is the sole breadwinner of the family

The Hallway of Republic Polytechnic

“I dropped my broom the moment I heard a whispering sound behind my back”. This is what Mdm. Habida Kamsani (Beda), 52 a janitor of Republic Polytechnic has been experiencing almost every night.

Some may think that there is nothing to fear in a new school especially when you link to supernatural and spirits. A new school likes Republic Polytechnic which has been around for only 10 years. It was also believed that the exact land where the school was built was the same land where the Japanese soldiers first stepped into Singapore during the World War II. Many believed their spirits are still there roaming around despite a school was built.

Mdm. Beda has been working with Republic Polytechnic as the school janitor for almost 5 years. She was married with a son. Her husband was diagnosed with diabetes when she was at the age of 34 that turned her into the sole breadwinner for the family. She has to bear her family expenses and her 16 year old son’s school fee.

As the janitor of the school was not her first job. She was a janitor in North Point Shopping Centre before she decided to work in Republic Polytechnic. Being a janitor was the only job she could secure since her qualification was low. She was dropped out of primary school as her parents could not afford to settle her school fee.

Mdm. Beda telling her story

Her 4 and a half years’ experience in school as a janitor has been a horrifying one for her. In fact, a frightful experienced for her. She has been hearing mysterious voices while sweeping the floor in the hallway on the 6th floor, voices that gave her Goosebumps and an uncomfortable environment to work in. She believed that she was disturbed by spirits who are still there even before the school was built.

The presence of…

“I am alone at the hallway. I felt a presence of someone but no one is there in reality” says Mdm. Beda who was working in fear throughout her first 2 years working in the school. She has encountered many unusual things. One of it was a figure in white with long hair, leaning against the wall. Lucky for her, she was facing the back of the figure. She quickly ran down the stairs, taking 2 steps at a time to quicken her pace. She claimed that the figure might be the “Pontianak” (a Malay female ghost). “It was my first encounter of the Pontianak and I hope that will be the last time I encounter such thing”, Mdm. Beda added.

Mr. Jais Bin Suri, 56 a security in Republic Polytechnic agreed with what Mdm. Beda felt. He has evidence to prove. He had kept a few clips from the CCTV that captured a mysterious figure roaming along the hallway. He said that the CCTV cannot lie and it had proven that there is ghost in the school. “There are a few clips that I can show you. There is one, captured a lady in white floating along the hallway and going through the wall. There is another one, the most terrifying one where the ghost was just staring straight at the CCTV.” Mr. Jais insisted in showing those clips.

The sound…

It’s already 8 at night but it feels like midnight, keeping some of her equipment back into the store room. Without a slight warning, Mdm. Beda heard sounds creeping from the toilet which was just beside the store room. “It was a female toilet and I felt that someone is using it”, she said. She heard footsteps and somebody knocking onto the wall. Goosebumps was all over her tired body. A sudden “bang” of the cubicle door almost pushed her heart out. Without having second thought, she picked up her handbag, slipped on her flats and off she goes, leaving the store room unattended.

Mdm. Beda keeping the school clean

She was in doubt whether to continue working here. “I had no other choice but I have to do this to help support my family” Mdm. Beda did not want her son to face the same fate as her. She wanted him to be successful in life, so she has to continue working despite the fear she was facing. With a strong heart, she knew that she could find the light at the end of the tunnel.

With a blink of an eye, she did not realize she has almost worked nearly 5 years. As time to time, she managed to settle down and get used to the environment. “With a little prayer, God is there to guide me”, she added with confidence.

Republic Polytechnic

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