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Reinventing the Smartphone…

When we talk about smartphone, the only image of it that definitely comes to our mind will be rows of icons. When we swipe to the left, we will see another page of icons and when we swipe again, we will see the same thing and so on. Microsoft has looked into putting an end to it and they have reinvented the smartphone. … Continue reading

Press Release – “Working Late” exhibition

                                       Republic Polytechnic students provides a window into forgotten trades Students showcase photographs showing elderly citizens at work in Working Late exhibition   Singapore, 15 November 2011 – In an increasingly globalized society, we tend to leave behind and forget things of yesterday. To be held at the Singapore Arts Museum, Working Late is … Continue reading

Sweeping In the Dark

Mdm. Beda is fearful of working at night but she has no choice but to carry on as she is the sole breadwinner of the family “I dropped my broom the moment I heard a whispering sound behind my back”. This is what Mdm. Habida Kamsani (Beda), 52 a janitor of Republic Polytechnic has been … Continue reading

Homemade Fried Rice in just 5 Simple Steps!

At home feeling hungry? And wants to prepare a meal as fast as possible to fill up your empty and growling stomach? Well, you can now try making your very own homemade fried rice in just 5 simple steps. Hurry! Turn on the kitchen lights and get your pots and pants ready. Here is the … Continue reading

United Goes Up, City Goes Down!

Manchester United is now at the top of the league table while Manchester City goes down to 2nd spot after yesterday’s fixture.   Wayne Rooney found the back of the net twice against West Bromwich Albion that led to a win for the Reds and eventually put them at the top of the league.   … Continue reading

5 New Features You Need to Know in the New iPad

  1)      Retina Display –          The Retina Display was first introduced in the iPhone 4 then to the iPod touch. Now, in the new iPad. It features a 2048 x 1536 resolution and a 44% greater saturation. A total of 3.1 million pixels are packed in the 9.7-inch display. The new iPad has a greater … Continue reading

2 Uncommon Things Needed in the Kitchen

You may not know that there are actually insects hiding somewhere in your kitchen. Sometimes, you may tend to leave your ingredients at one corner because you need to do something else. These stubborn insects might want to get close to your ingredients. This is where the Insecticide comes in handy. Just spray it!!! REMEMBER … Continue reading

Out You Go Villas-Boas! Who’s Next?

The time has come for Andre Villas-Boas to walk through the exit door of Chelsea. The Portuguese was sacked by Chelsea at 1.30pm this afternoon after facing his 7th Premier League defeat against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns yesterday. This has left Chelsea 3 points away from Arsenal who are currently fourth in the … Continue reading

New iPad coming March 7!

Invitations from Apple to the Next Big Thing have been sent out. The new iPad to hit March 7 but… where is the Home Button?

England squad Stronger and Better

We are about to see a revolution in the England National team for the Euro 2012. It seems that the team will be powered by the new players where most of them are from the top teams in the Premier League. After seeing the England team with a very poor performance for many years, we … Continue reading