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Homemade Fried Rice in just 5 Simple Steps!

At home feeling hungry? And wants to prepare a meal as fast as possible to fill up your empty and growling stomach? Well, you can now try making your very own homemade fried rice in just 5 simple steps. Hurry! Turn on the kitchen lights and get your pots and pants ready. Here is the … Continue reading

2 Uncommon Things Needed in the Kitchen

You may not know that there are actually insects hiding somewhere in your kitchen. Sometimes, you may tend to leave your ingredients at one corner because you need to do something else. These stubborn insects might want to get close to your ingredients. This is where the Insecticide comes in handy. Just spray it!!! REMEMBER … Continue reading

Stop Shark Finning!

Please stop shark finning. Save our sharks. Don’t eat shark fin soup!  

Tips to Prepare a Healthier Meal

Health has always been an important issue in this world. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are some of the health problems that one may suffer due to paying less attention to their health. There are ways where we can avoid them. One of the ways would be having a healthier meal. Here are 5 … Continue reading