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Sweeping In the Dark

Mdm. Beda is fearful of working at night but she has no choice but to carry on as she is the sole breadwinner of the family “I dropped my broom the moment I heard a whispering sound behind my back”. This is what Mdm. Habida Kamsani (Beda), 52 a janitor of Republic Polytechnic has been … Continue reading

Tips to Prepare a Healthier Meal

Health has always been an important issue in this world. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are some of the health problems that one may suffer due to paying less attention to their health. There are ways where we can avoid them. One of the ways would be having a healthier meal. Here are 5 … Continue reading

I’m Single for Valentine’s Day and I’m Cool!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So what’s your plan? Oh wait, does that mean only those who are in a relationship can celebrate this day? For those who are single will have to pretend that this day does not exist. That is so not true! Perhaps, most of us have that particular mindset. … Continue reading